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Current Student Registrar


The college registrar maintains students’ official academic records. Services include the audit of degree progress; adding and dropping of courses; transfer of credit from other institutions; and maintenance of curriculum sheets, policies, and procedures.
Degree Progress (Curriculum Sheets, Graduation Summaries)
Requirements and Policies
Forms and Petitions

Current Students Student Development

Student Development

Human Ecology’s Office of Student Development is a center for undergraduate freshman and transfer student activities. The counseling staff provides academic advising and personal counseling. They also help students navigate college and university requirements and resources, explore professional pathways, provide leadership opportunities, and more.
Advising and Counseling
Multicultural Programs
Off-Campus Study
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Current Students Career Development

Career Development

Human Ecology provides a strong liberal arts foundation that supports career-specific preparation in a small-college environment with the resources of an Ivy League institution. Professional counselors help students identify their interests and strengths through academic coursework, experiential learning, and professional opportunities. Career Assistants staff the college’s Career Exploration Center.
Career Exploration
Career Essentials
Jobs and Internships
Graduate and Professional Schools
(Medicine & Health, Law, Business, and Design)
Employer Information
Alumni Resources
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Current Students: Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Students take many paths toward a particular career goal, managing their requirements and electives around their personal interests. The college offers a wealth of opportunities in research, leadership, and experiential learning through off-campus studies.
Learning Outcomes
Departments and Majors
Off-Campus Study
Undergraduate Research
Leadership and Engagement

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